Spotify V/S Wynk

Spotify V/S Wynk

So, recently Spotify made its place in the Indian market and most people are confused about which music streaming is best or which one they can consider on a long-term basis. Launched in 2016, Wynk became a popular music streaming service and its collaboration with Airtel gained more popularity as Airtel claimed that owing an Airtel sim would give you access to free streaming and unlimited downloads but game changer Mukesh Ambani’s JIO was introduced in December 2015 and was made publicly available on 5th September 2016. As soon as the JIO sim was launched, JIO music (Now known as JIO SAVAN) was also made available for general people.

So, it’s obvious that which one is best or which suits my requirement. Here is a list of differences between Spotify and Wynk

  • Availability: One of the major factors of considering Spotify is its availability in more than 80+ countries and Wynk is India exclusive. So, if you travel frequently then Spotify is the best option for you.

  • Music Collection: Considering the collection of music albums available on both platforms. Spotify has an edge over English albums considering the fact that it was launched way back in 2008 initially in Sweden but if you are mixed personality and don’t take the collection of songs as a major deciding factor then you look up at the next point.

  • Loudness and bass: It might sound useless but if you are a music enthusiast then note down that at default equalizer settings for both platforms and taking maximum volume for both, you will get louder audio in Wynk at the highest quality but it would be 30% less in Spotify high-quality setting and 20% less bass in comparison to Wynk. Spotify’s highest quality setting would be chargeable under the premium section. So, if you are concerned about the loudness and bass of sound you can consider this.

  • Premium Spotify V/S Airtel Wynk: Spotify reserves some of the sound quality features for its premium members but Wynk gives the highest quality sound for normal users too. So, if you are a Spotify fanboy/girl then you can consider premium service.

  • Dark Mode: Spotify UI (User Interface) comes with default dark mode but Wynk doesn’t support Dark mode. The dark mode is when the background is mostly black and it saves a lot of battery. Spotify here gets a plus point.

  • Lyrics and Additional information: Spotify for some songs give you additional information like any special memory regarding the shooting of song and also displays live lyrics. This feature is not available on Wynk.

  • Special Bluetooth mode for Cars: Spotify again takes lead as it supports special Bluetooth mode. It automatically detects car Bluetooth connection and the app unveils more options to control the music system more easily. Wynk doesn’t support this feature till now.

  • Fewer Ads: Spotify has relatively fewer ads in comparison to Wynk which pops ads after 5-6 songs. But here is the catch that Spotify pops ads less but with a longer duration of 30 sec in comparison to 10-sec ads on Wynk.


So, In my point of view, if you are owing to an Airtel sim then you can try Spotify for the free version and enjoy music from both platforms but if you really want to enjoy Spotify to the fullest then you can opt for one-month premium membership on a trial basis. I personally suggest Spotify as it comes with great features like dark mode and Bluetooth mode which personally impressed me. Rest is your decision. Comment your opinions about this and if suggest me more topics.

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Kaustubh Gupta
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