Types of Headphone Connectors

Types of Headphone Connectors

Hello guys! In today’s article I would like a discuss a very interesting topic and that is what bands in a headphone represent.

You must have seen bands on the headphone male connector and must have thought what these represent. The bands or rings are nothing but insulating type of material that separates different section of a plug. A plug can have left, right, ground or microphone section. Left represents audio in left speaker, right represents audio in right speaker, microphone represents if a audio capturing device is attached with the headphone/earphone and ground represents the path for electrical signal to return.

We have three types of headphone male connector:

  • Single ring connector: This type of connector has only one ring. This represents that the plug has only two sections mono and ground. It means that same audio plays in both right and left speakers. It also represents the power distribution of the jack.

  • Two ring connectors: This connector pins have two rings. This type of distribution represents left, right and ground. It means that the sound output is stereo and both the speakers have different audio. You may have noticed some times one speaker is giving output and other is silent at that time. These tweaks are done to enhance listening experience of the user. Surround audio effects, 3D audio is possible only because of stereo effect.

  • Three Ring connectors: Plug has three rings means four sections which represent ground, left, right and microphone area. The basic difference between two ring and three rings is the existence of microphone with headphone or earphone. The plugs with three rings generally give support for microphone.

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