PUBG Lag Issues and Their Solutions

PUBG Lag Issues and Their Solutions

What’s up guys! I am back with another article and today’s topic is very much close to the PUBG enthusiasts’ hearts and that is how to fix lag issues during gameplay.

So, I have seen my friends playing Pubg all the time, and sometimes these so-called pro players are killed by bots (players generated by computer for completing 100 players in battleground). So, I would like to discuss some points which may help you to improve your gaming skills and performance. I would be mainly focusing on the Ping issue. This article is also a general approach for all online games as they mostly work on the same principle.

  • Background Apps: If you want your game to be unaffected from any type of distraction or lag then you should close all other apps and processes. This will improve gaming performance as background apps consume both battery and ram which can be dedicated to game performance.

  • Good Wi-Fi: Installing a cheap quality Wi-Fi service can badly affect your gameplay. Try installing a good quality connection and limited devices on the network as you increase the number of devices in the network, the bandwidth would be highly distributed and you will experience lag issues.

  • Mobile Operators Throttling: Now this issue is common with users using mobile operator’s ISP and they would experience that other apps are working perfectly and even YouTube is not buffering but in PUBG ping is very high. This type of throttling is done by mobile operators as they want the internet not to be used by a particular section of the audience like PUBG Gamers and therefore this is done to distribute the bandwidth efficiently. The solution to this problem can be playing pubs during non-working hours or when there is less probability of players playing in a particular area.

  • Using VPN: Using VPN might not be the best option but considering the throttling by ISP’s, this can improve the ping problem. There are special VPNs available for gaming.

  • Overheating: One of the major problems every gamer faces is the cooling of the processor. In desktop pcs this issue is solved by installing separate cooling units like Liquid cooling is very popular among gamers but in a midrange mobile phone, it is not possible. So, what you can do is avoid charging and gaming at the same time. It would save both battery and overheating issues.

  • GPU/RAM/Processor: It is also a deciding factor for the smooth performance of the device. The device on which you are playing the game should be of strong configuration and the device should be supported by the game. Sometimes, we try to install a game that is not compatible with the device and end up damaging our device. So, this should be avoided.

  • Nearest server: In the PUBG game where we can select the server of the game, you should always go for the nearest server as it will provide lesser ping and lesser ping directly improves the gaming performance and lower latency.

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