10 Useful Websites You Should Know

10 Useful Websites You Should Know

In the era of the internet and virtualization, everything is available on the internet openly and free. Here I am going to give a list of the top 10 sites that I personally use which are absolutely free and can be helpful for your daily life problems.

  • PDF Drive This website is a collection of all e-books in all fields from technology to novels, art, biography, fiction and literature, health and fitness. It basically has all e-books available from all folks of life. The main advantage of this website is that it offers “Unlimited downloads” and ad-free service. If you are curious about reading or bookworm them you should definitely give it a try to this website.

LINK: https://www.pdfdrive.com/

  • Remove background If you are photogenic or you are a photographer, you must have faced problems with the background of the picture or you want a different background, then you will definitely love this website. Just upload a photograph with a clear vision of the profile and under 5-10 seconds the background will vanish and now output can be transferred. Without the use of heavy software like Adobe Photoshop or Lightroom you can get your desired image.

LINK: https://www.remove.bg/

  • Paste Bin Now, this website is mostly used by developers to share code as it is in form of a single link. But it can also be used by students to share their project work. You can also set an expiration time for the link to self-destruct. All the data stored is encrypted and every time you open the link it asks for human verification. This is completely safe.

LINK: https://pastebin.com/

  • Pexels and Pixabay These two websites are a treasure of stock images and videos that can be used in any manner without giving credit. All content is copyright-free and can be used freely. These are useful in presentations, any project which requires the use of images and videos or if you are a YouTuber or blogger then you should absolutely consider these websites once.

LINK: https://pixabay.com/ LINK: https://www.pexels.com/

  • Draw.io Whether you are an engineer or student you need to draw diagrams for science work or you could be a programmer who needs to draw flowcharts for programs then you should consider using draw.io which is absolutely free service and offers various tools to make impressive diagrams.

LINK: https://www.draw.io/

  • W3Schools I am pretty sure that most of you know about this website as most coding-related doubts are indexed from this site. This is the perfect place for a beginner-level coder who wants to have a taste of coding and further wants to excel in this. Here you can learn HTML, JS, SQL, PHP, jQuery, Python, and many more. Both theory and practice can be tested here.

LINK: https://www.w3schools.com/

  • Dictation.io If you are lazy enough that you do not want to type or you are tired of typing then this site is heaven for you. Your only task is to narrate the content which you want to be typed. It is available in multiple languages including Hindi. This service is also absolutely free and interesting.

LINK: https://dictation.io/speech

  • AlternativeTo This website offers an alternative to every app, software, game, or even book. If you facing any issue with current software and want to know its alternative then this is the perfect solution.

LINK: https://alternativeto.net/

  • Resume maker Whether you are applying for a job interview or internship in a company, a resume is a must and most of us are confused about how to start or what should be included, where the elements should be placed. If you want to get rid of this mess then you should try this website once as its UI (User Interface) is very simple and straightforward. The prepared resume can be downloaded in form of a PDF or simply shared on the drive.

LINK: https://www.resumemaker.online/

  • File.pizza Don’t judge this website by its name. It basically provides a peer-to-peer transfer service in which the file is transferred from the sender browser to the client browser without any intermediate server. Though I can’t guarantee the security of this website in emergency situations, this website can be very useful.

LINK: https://file.pizza/

This was all about the top 10 useful websites. If you think I missed some websites which are also useful then just comment down below so that others can also know about them. If you are liking my way of writing and want future articles just subscribe to my blog (it’s free!) and leave a comment if you are still confused about anything and suggest me more topics on which I can write.

Happy Reading Folks!

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