How Wikipedia pages work?

How Wikipedia pages work?

Wikipedia, the digital encyclopedia is one of the most indexed pages on Google. It is a lifesaving site for college and school students as most of their projects are based on the information available on Wikipedia. But you must be wondering how this site works? How can a person blindly believe the information given on the internet without any background check or authentication? I am here to solve all your queries about Wikipedia.

So, this massive encyclopedia works on “community contribution”. It means a large group of people continuously write about all types of topics irrespective of their personal opinion. These people are well educated and have well expertise in their respective fields. They write about anything and everything you can think of and that’s why you get most of your search results from this site. The community members post their articles in the community and this article is reviewed by mostly all members. It must get at least 80% support to be finalized and then only that article is published live on their website. It’s totally based on community support and the final decision about the article resides totally in hands of site admins and moderators.

You must have seen an edit option in Wikipedia pages. So, anyone can change the context of the page? And if the person is against that particular person, then how this is managed?

The answer is very simple. Each time an edit is done to a Wiki page, its request is sent to moderators, and the article is posted in the community for the final call. If the article is found to be violating any community guideline or any threat to someone then the person is immediately given a warning and if the same happens again then the person is permanently banned from using their services and it is made sure this person doesn’t come back.

So, the person can be sent to jail?

Maybe. It depends on the type of content the person has posted. If it’s a life-threatening situation, then the authorities are informed immediately.

Each day, thousands of new writers are coming together to expand this great community and this number is rising each day.

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