First Year in Maharaja Agrasen Institute of Technology

First Year in Maharaja Agrasen Institute of Technology

Hello peeps! I think college life is the most alluring part of one’s life and distinctively 1st year. The first year of college always has a unique memory in everyone’s life and as I just concluded with my first year in MAIT (Maharaja Agrasen Institute of Technology), I thought why not share my understanding of how college life is completely a new dimension.

MAIT, the second-best college of IP University after university, is a complete package of academics, sports, cultural activities, & much more. A major drawback of this college is its location. It’s completely isolated from central Delhi but its proximity to Rithala metro station is the only lifesaving component.


1st August 2018 was the time when our first year started and almost everybody was excited about their college, making new friends, hanging out in the city and just chilling out without any stipulation but it’s not what you always think! As soon as I entered college, I noticed that everyone is so much confusion!

The first person I met in college was Ankit Bansal and the only discussion we had was how we miserably failed in JEE and got in here! Coming to teachers, it would be wrong from my side to Judge anyone but the coolest personality in the college is Professor SK Jha. He is a lifesaver for most of the students!


MAIT has got a great line-up of Ph.D. scholars. You will find some teachers very friendly and supportive but contrarily stubborn also. You will be burdened with a lot of assignments, practical files, society work but that’s where your management skills are tested.

College overall provides you all the facilities but it’s up to you how to avail them fruitfully. You got a gym, a decent playground, an open theatre where most students hang out during winters, 4 canteens & a juice shop, a decent auditorium, and a boys’ hostel.

The whole campus is not Wi-Fi enabled but I tell you a trick, go to the 3rd floor 9th block and open any system of the lab and obtain a Wi-Fi password. (Don’t tell the teachers!). Here are some college reviews & memories from some of my acquaintance.

Anmol Singla

So, when I went to college on my first day, I was very excited and full of nervousness as my family and friends told me that college is very good and ur lucky that ur selected in MAIT. Teachers and students were talking normally in Hindi or English. I always thought that I was in a trap as I thought that college is not good. I discussed it with my family and then they made me realize that it is only for fame and placements. College doesn’t matter and has both fame as well as placements. College placements were going on those days and I heard that 2 students of MAIT got selected in Google and above 90% of students got placed. Then I realize all the things depend on me. College gives me a chance but all the things depend on me. College is very cool in different manners like infrastructure, buildings, labs, placements, etc. But the most important thing, all the colleges have criteria for a minimum 75% attendance but in MAIT it’s not compulsory & teachers will always warn you.

Saksham Doda

Mait is located in a remote area of Delhi with no good nearby places to hang out with friends. The campus is small but concise. Faculty is good most teachers have done MSc., MTech, Coding culture is not emphasized from the very first year. Seniors are rarely seen in college. Canteens are a good place to hang out with friends. A student can get decent marks in exams on studying 1-2 weeks before the exams and can get very good marks if he/she studies from the very beginning. Auditorium and the library are the best part of college.

Kavya Gupta

When I entered college on the first day, I was not expecting much. I usually thought that it would have been much better if I had cracked IIT or NIT but this is my destiny and I was a place that my hard work deserves. In starting, I thought college is another school where I come to attend lectures and do nothing at all. I was not that friendly so initially, the first day in college was really boring for me. Even one of my school best friends is in the same college but due to different sections we were not able to talk that much but then I heard about societies(earlier I didn’t ‘t know that something like this exists😅😂lol). Just an absent-minded person when it comes to lectures and class. The first day of 1st year and the last day of 1st year me itna difference h ki college ab Bura nhi lagta(not getting into IIT or Nit doesn’t bother me now) our college is good …just expecting ki naukri to atleast lag jaye (maybe less package )ek glti Hui I didn’t interact with many people in college but Haan next year baat karungi logo se… thori si introvert hi but I have risen above all this.

Mohit Jha

I’ve got no attendance issues; I can easily pass my semesters I can really very nicely focus on my actual goal…and I overall love my College🙈💦 Because emoji is very important 😂😂

Nishu Singh

I had an okayish experience in MAIT. The way in which checking of answer sheets are done here is a mystery …yha jab tak externals mein sheets na bharo tab tak marks ni milte. Irony here is engineering m hume to the point answers likhne chiye or yha humse copy bharwake hath dard kr dete h… best thing is lab k time cheating bade aaram se ho jaati hai… itne saare bunks maare 1st year mein maza aagya tha .. saari classes mein AC hona chiye tha expect kia tha itna toh MAIT se….best thing is ki yha raging ka nam bhi nhi hota….no raging i loved this thing….baaki canteens ka khaana b theek hi h yha ka

Avneet Singh

Our college provides a great platform for technical projects and activities…and give all the support financial support🙁 which is the most important. Also, the teaching staff is very good and help students a lot in their academics. Moreover, only the teaching staff is good… the management staff is the worst🥴🥴…

Anushka Mahajan

Mait is the second-best engineering college under IP University. When I got admission here, I was beyond excited. I’ve categorized my review in the following categories. Staff: The staff here is very lazy and they would burden you with lots of assignments. Some teachers are really very sweet though. Canteen: we have four canteens in Mait campus. The food quality is good but it’s a bit costly with less quantity. Academics: academics here is fine. You will have to study yourself in the end and the teachers here don’t give a damn whether you understood everything or not. I was expecting more from Mait but nonetheless, it’s a good college with a cool atmosphere.

Paras Chugh

When I came to Mait, first I realized that college is something like you’ll have lots of time and you’ll always be in parties, with friends, traveling, enjoying and then also will grab a good placement😐, I don’t know maybe. Some are able to handle all these things together but slowly till the end of the year I realized that these kinds of guys are gaining knowledge since years (ex: kaustubh bhai😂) and I know nothing on the other end and was moving just like societies programmed me to move. Soon I realized college also has lots of stupid traditions like assignments, too much useless subjects, and so many exams which all counts for nearly zero development in the attitude and knowledge of an individual. I am now a completely changed person than I was a year before, and I’m really happy about these changes in my mindset. I realized that most people are completely stupid, many Don’t have any ambition, many just come to enjoy, most are selfish and have the thing I hate the most that are “ego”, and the irony is that these stupid egoistic personalities call it attitude🙄, the most imp thing is that you should know how to assess people and learn about them, and search for right companions as per your life and not just make anybody your best friend, otherwise, it will be a very hard time for you in this world. Do what u need to do and not what you want to do.

Mukul Taneja

First of all, when I entered this college, I was not at all happy with its campus 🤮, then slowly it became my habitat 😅. Then I decided that I will do everything here like getting selected in every society and participating in every event of dance, music, drama and so on…..(but things don’t get according to you every time😅). In the first few weeks I realized that mostly no-one is interested in studying; attending classes, coming to college only for attending labs, mass bunks were very common here. I learned that if a person wants to score good (with concepts, clear), then he/she has to attend all the classes, missing no class, as one will understand nothing if he goes to any class of any random topic, rather than time can be consumed in much more productive works. Next, the educational system is also somewhat poor as in : the maximum focus of the teachers(most of) is to get syllabus done(which is rather remains incomplete at last and students have to cover the syllabus by their own), they waste most of your valuable time in completing the assignments and project files which they never see and throw at last. I think that whether a student has or doesn’t have any interest in any cultural activity, he/she should try everything as we don’t know where life may take us. But… In the last month, he/she has to give their full time in studying, as a percentage also matters, depending upon what is their field of interest.

Lakshay Chawla

Every single individual after completion of the 12th class is extremely excited for the college for obvious reasons of fun and freedom. Similarly, I was very excited about the same. Even though I didn’t get admission in my expected college, it was not that big of a deal to kill my excitement. Initial impressions about the college – Maharaja Agrasen Institute of Technology were great in my mind. The first day (1st August 2018) was pretty basic, not many students had arrived, I don’t know why… But after 3, 4 days the college was full of energized youngsters. I was having a good time and slowly building my friend circle and having a lot of fun. The college was not as good as I had thought but due to a fairly large and interesting friend circle, I was happily enjoying my college life. Now, as a whole year is passed, when I look back, I understand how important this year was. It helped me improve me on the whole as a person as a friend and as a student. And having a group of good helping friends makes me elated. Now, I am looking forward to the upcoming years of the college where I will enjoy and build myself up so that I could grab a good job after the completion as well as have an everlasting group of friends

Ankit Bansal

Bhai dekh faculty mughe bilkul achi nhi lgi, Mughe nhi lga tha ki teachers aise bhi hote hai, But freedom bohot mili, Bohot masti mari. And first semester me i found balancing my studies and fun very difficult. I made a lot of friends. But I still think that an upside to my first year in Mait was that I got exposure and met a lot of amazing people

Siddarth Seth

My first year in Mait was nice. Initially, it was a little awkward and I was not that comfortable and moreover, there was a lot about JEE scores and ranks, stream and colleges. I came across some really helpful and nice teachers and bunk toh khoob kari hai F- section ne classes 😅. Too many tests over the semester kept us busy with Akash books. Overall it was a new experience meeting new people and friends. It is worth embracing. 😃

Abhishek Kumar

Bhai acha hai college to, Clg ke bahar kuch ni hai. Fest vagarah kam hote hain. Overall thik thak hai…

So that was a broad view of my college and in general, every college has the same stories. If any junior is reading this then just chill and if you require any help just ping these people who gave the review 😂😂. Joking! Welcome to MAIT.

If you liked this piece then do comment down and those who spend their precious time sending me their reviews are requested to comment down how I presented your review.

Also, tell us about your first-year stories in the comment section!

Happy Reading Folks!

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