Popular Tech Trends of 2019

Popular Tech Trends of 2019

Hey everyone! I am writing this article inspired by my professors and HOD sir of my department who recently interacted with us and gave an insight of what happens in tech companies and what are the things you should be focusing on (Let me know if you want a detailed article about his interaction). He discussed about choosing a right technological trend and following it till you become an adroit in it. So, inspired by this I decided to list all the latest tech trends which may excite you and inspire you to start exploring these trends. The average salary of these trends is average salary and based on your skills in that area. Read the article till the end to explore the bonus trend!


Emerged from famously known person or group known as Satoshi Nakamoto, blockchain is everywhere. It has taken the digital world to new level with cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, LBRY, Stellar and many more (Let me know if you want separate article about this). It has also enabled utmost security to the virtual currencies by enabling encryption and making transactions immutable and temper free. A blockchain developer registers an average salary of about $98k per annum. To catch hold of this progressive technology, one must acquire programming skills and frameworks like Node.js, C++, Java, Python. Learning tools like Geth, Mist, GanacheCLI, Blockchain Testnet, EtherScripter and BaaS can contribute you to your learning curve.


Artificial Intelligence is gaining a lot of popularity these days due to its revolution in market. Every company wants their work to be done explicitly and with minimum human error. Our life style has been drastically upgraded because of AI’s futuristic features and modernistic way of delivering user experience. AI along with ML (Machine learning), NLP (Natural Language Processing) and deep learning have changed the entire decorum of industry. The average salary of a Data scientist with expertise in AI is around $128k per annum. It requires proficiency in programming languages like Python, R, Prolog, with in-depth understanding of platforms like TensorFlow, Keras, Accord.NET etc. to comprehend this niche technology.

Data Science

In the past, data was mostly structed and could be analysed using simple BI tools but as the boon of internet of began, data production rate was so much that it become very difficult to manage such a humongous amount of data. Data science is a blend of various tools, algorithms and machine learning algorithms with a objective to gain insights from this unstructured data. It is different from statisticians as these people are uses advance algorithms to identify occurrence of event in future. They will look for many angles about same situation. Some of the tools which help in this sector are RapidMiner, BigML, Welka, R etc. The average salary expected is $120k per annum.

Big Data

It is the new age of Data analytics that empowers enterprises to transform data into useful information for making informed decisions. Apache Hadoop, Hive, NoSQL, Cassandra, Docker and Kubernetes are some of the eminent big data technologies that are in high demand these days. A big data analyst can expect an average salary of about $70k per year.


This year VR (Virtual Reality) took centre stage and not a surprise on a course to become whooping $1 billion global business. Potential of VR to deliver immersive experience and a great way to get engage more with content and services. The future of VR is AR which takes VR to next level. Augmented Reality places virtual objects in real world. It displays natural parts of the surroundings through perceived view in real-time. AR with Data Analysis to identify more automated trends within very large volumes of data. This was very well presented in this year Google I/O. Expected salary is around $100k per annum.

Dev Ops

It is a methodology to develop business solutions maintain flawless coordination between development and operations. It aims at reducing software development cycle by integrating developers with automation infrastructure. The average salary of a DevOps engineer is around $120k per annum. Jenkins, Docker, Ansible and GitHub are some of the most recommended tools to attain a good position in DevOps role.


Robotics based software automation interprets and responds to the user’s actions for the business applications performing automated task like chatbot. RPA aims to reduce the traditional labour work and remotely manage all the work. An RPA developer can expect an average salary of $98k per annum. Tools like Automation Anywhere, Ui Path, Blue Prism and WorkFusion with programming language like Python or C++ is a plus point.


Internet of things has started digitizing all objects including cars, refrigerators, toys and wearables and even animals, people etc making them smart enough to be connected and create a distinguished network. The mean salary of an IOT engineer is around $82k per annum. Gaining expertise in IOT technologies like data mining, ML, Node.js, cloud computing and automation among others are highly valued.


5G, upgraded cellular network providing high speed of 20Gbps saving energy, less cost and strong connection speed is the new technology trend. The Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg flagged a Telecom Infra Project, a newly-launched engineering-focused initiative from Facebook designed to bring together operators, system administrators and other tech companies to develop new approach to infrastructure.


Major internet giants are trying to agree and establish standards for single identification and authorization. Till now Facebook, Google, Twitter and LinkedIn have been socially signed-in. Bio-metric authentication is also gaining popularity and some of the best examples are DDS Inc., GSMA Mobile Connect, FusionPipe and FaceOn.

Connected Cars

Tesla was the first company to create a hype about self-driving cars and now there are more than 16 companies working on this concept to be the first autonomous cars which are completely driverless without any human interaction. The advantage that these cars could be easily be used by differently-abled person and it has led to its increased demands.

Bonus: Quantum Computing

Quantum Computing could spur the development of new breakthroughs in science, medical, ML, materials to make efficient devices and structures. There are challenges that normal classical model couldn’t resolve above a certain size and complexity, or we can say that we lack computational power on Earth to tackle them.

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