Did You Call Your Father?

Did You Call Your Father?

Joined college after 2 months

Haven’t called him till now🙄

Either he is expecting or am i

But why i am not calling

Have i forgotten him? 🤔

Or too much busy?

Or ignoring?

I don’t know but one thing is sure

He takes update from others

Daily, but

Why not me?🤨

I think i know the reason

He doesn’t want me to be

Dependent on anyone, not even himself🧐

But it’s not the case though

Everytime i think of calling, something holds me back😒

Something says just go and hug him

Go and spend time with him

Leave your digital girlfriend😣

Go and enjoy every moment you have

Go and ask him about his day

Ask about the work 🙃

The pain, the sufferings happening at work

Tell him your day

How it’s going in life, the achievements

The progress, tell him everything

Your future plans your upcoming plans

Tell him everything, but

Why not calling him

Why not☹️🤔

Reason i don’t know, but

One thing is sure, i remember him everytime

Every minute 🙂

Meeting him soon 😊

So this was my very small attempt to write a poetry. This is actually true story of mine. I got so much emotional writing this piece of poetry. But anyways do give your feedback and do call your father whenever you get a chance.

Kaustubh Gupta
Kaustubh Gupta That Data Guy, Habitual Writer and Tech Enuthusist