Eduassets: New Way of Learning

Eduassets: New Way of Learning

Education. What is education? It is the skill set that makes you standout in a group. It is that asset of life which everybody desires and should have. In the past we learnt things by observing the surrounding around us. We observed that hitting two stones together generates spark. So initially it was all about observation that we gained so much of science. When we finally got into our senses and started interacting with the outer world then we got to analyse that it is all about how cultured you are, how much you know about your surroundings and other people. Education has played an important role in overall development of our economy and lifestyle. Coming to today’s education system, we all are learning new things everyday. But a major drawback is that we are not learning something beneficial. We are still studying the same syllabus that has never been updated over decades. But the truth is we can’t do anything about this as it has become standard and all we can do is adopt what is being taught. But what if I tell you that you can change this? As soon as internet boomed around the world, various new technologies evolved and one of them is digitization. It is not bounded to video and other services that we see but its about how we use it.

We at Eduassets believe that one should be independent enough to have access good, error free and premium quality content. But how did we started? Let me take you back in January 2019. Our founder Krish Bhatia, an excellent Java and android developer many connections in DU (Delhi University). One day one of his friends asked him if he could arrange notes for her B. Com course. This help was not bounded to her but it gave Krish an amazing idea. He thought that we have ample of material for engineering and science students. They have a great community support but commerce students are lacking these privileges. They don’t have a central location where they could access all the required material without any hustle-bustle. They lack a good community support which is most crucial part of any higher degree course. This thought gave birth to Eduassets, an aspiring firm where we focus on digitizing education, changing the traditional way of learning and providing students the best study material that they may not get by attending normal classes.

We also focus on teaching the smart way of learning rather than doing rigorous handwork which may or may not give satisfactory results. We understand your time is precious and we at Eduassets believe time is everything. We aim to provide the best and relevant material curated by team of experts who will help you out with all your queries. You must be curious how you are going to be benefited? Hold on, we are revealing it all! We have two platforms Android and Website. Choose any of them you are comfortable with. Login with your credentials and you are good to go. Now choose your course and subjects. You have access to our precisely curated library where you can watch video lectures and read notes. So that was all about us and how we started. In future, we focus on including more and more courses. We are also focusing on organizing interactive sessions where you can directly ask questions to our team and we would be more than happy to answer them all. If you think you got skills to show, want to join our initiative or want to contribute something feel free to contact us and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Fill this google form and we will contact you.

Kaustubh Gupta (Editorial Head, Eduassets)

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