Teacher? Oh just a human right?

Teacher? Oh just a human right?

This story dates back to the era when the weapons of mass destruction were still to be invented. Back then, people used martial arts as self defense mechanism. So, this is a story of a great martial artist of that time.

He was the best of his time and no one could defeat him. He wanted that his skill should be

learnt by people so that it will help them. So, he started searching for the right candidate so that he

must not waste his time and the skill doesn’t go in wrong hands. Then, after some years he found one

disciple. He put his heart and soul in teaching him. The disciple was curious eager to learn and good

grasper. So, the master also had fun in teaching and slowly but surely he built his disciple almost like

him. But it appeared that the disciple was actually cheating the master and he had to ultimately trick the

master to defeat and become the sole great martial artist. So, after a few years when the master said

you are ready with your skill, he challenged him to fight him or accept defeat.

Being young and energetic he was extremely confident that he will win. Everyone else also thought that

the master is in danger and his days of glory are gone. So, the day for the fight was decided and

everyone felt that the decision of the master to not give up was wrong as he was not that energetic now

and may lose his life. Now, the master didn’t talk to anyone from that day till before the fight. Everyone

thought that he will not come and surely he was very upset from what happened. On the other hand, the

disciple just practiced and practiced to polish his skills. The disciple clearly dreamt to be the greatest

martial artist of all times.

The day of fight eventually inched closer and closer. On the final day, everyone expected that master

will not come as he will never want to lose. But there was a small group of people who believed that the

master will win. The master came even after all the controversies and the fight was about to begin. The

disciple gave last chance to master to accept defeat and live a glorious life. But master’s plans were

different. He declined the disciplines offer and accepted the fight yet again. The fight as expected ended

in extremely short time and…..

The master won. Everyone was in shock and the person who was shocked the most was the disciple.

Being incredibly confident about his win, he never expected this outcome. Out of overconfidence, he

forgot that he was the disciple and the master knew each and every weakness of him. On the top of it,

the thing that surprised him the most was the final moves of the master were saved by him for such

incidence. Master exactly knew what the disciple could use against him, but the new moves of the

master which he didn’t teach the disciple left him spellbound. Finally, the disciple realized his mistake

and apologized to the master.

This story teaches us many things:

Firstly, respect your teachers and never try to trick them in any way.

Secondly, overconfidence never wins. It will only result in adverse consequences.

Finally, to learn skills you need to be loyal to the teacher and always be patient. Never think yourself to

be supreme in any sense..,

Kaustubh Gupta
Kaustubh Gupta That Data Guy, Habitual Writer and Tech Enuthusist