The Exordium- Chapter: 1

The Exordium- Chapter: 1

Hey everyone!

Happy to see you again.

Before starting, I just got to know about Chandrayaan 2. I just want to confess that you are doing commendable job. You should be proud of yourself that you live a country that has organisations like ISRO which plans to do the most difficult jobs. I, in Canada was also watching this space program and when the chairperson announced that the lander was just 2.1 Km away from the surface, i got emotional too. But don’t worry you have always proved yourself in every field and this time also you were the first one to go close to South Pole of Moon. So don’t get dishearten and hope for the best. It took me long time to settle down Kaustubh to release story today and he finally agreed. Enjoy the sequel and this time I wrote according to Indian vocabulary and tradition. :)

As discussed with Kaustubh, I am coming up a slightly different appetite. We are starting up a new story series that will be fun as well as will be having some teachings that if you wish can implement in your life. To make the most out of it, read it till the end and analyse the consequence. Also, there is a surprise element in the end so do watch for it. So, for ease every Friday next part of the story will be released. Keep your Friday’s free to enjoy the sequel. Also, at the end of every part you will be having some sort of a question that could entitle you with a mention in the upcoming sequel.

Here is the intro to the characters of the story for you.

The main story revolves around this guy named Daniel who is pursuing B.Tech from a reputed college. He is one of the most vibrant characters in the story. The one who is an extrovert, full of life person who is also bold and brave. Not only that, he lives his life on his terms and conditions who has a thesis different of living from the world. He believes in psychology and currently, he is learning as well as practicing it. The best thing about him is his intuition, which are most of the time true and which is surprising though. He is calm most of the time but when aggressive, its as high as of lord Shiva. For him, friends are important but how he choose so wisely, he only knows.

Then here is the G gang: Yulia, Kelsey and Ksenia.

Yulia, cousin sister of Daniel, is preparing for C.A. examinations after her high school. Down to earth person, slightly childish but quite mature at the same time. Loves Jeon Jungkook , K-pop artist from the world famous group BTS (Bangtan Sonyeondan). Dreams to go to South Korea to meet him in person and hopes Daniel will be the one fulfilling the dream.

Kelsey, batch-mate of Daniel just for the 1st year. Met Daniel by chance in the music group of college. Again lover of k-pop and especially, Jeon Jungkook, who seems to be the teen crush of this era. Somewhat short tempered, has a phobia of cockroaches. She just can’t bear one near her. Fun loving creature and having a great artist inside her.

Ksenia, a senior of Daniel. Pursuing Masters of Computer Application. None of them know that they will ever meet, but the ties will turn and they will be best friends.Extremely childish and full of life, Ksenia would be the most interesting character of the story. Having a dark past, Daniel will become her teacher in life and turn her into an even more lively soul. She will experience various new things with Daniel.

The most interesting part of the story is that Daniel has a habit of giving weird nicknames to his close ones. I think I am done with the introduction part and Its the end of Chapter 1. What happens next in the story will surely astonish you. Hope to see you again on next Friday !

Oh wait wait!! Time for the surprise element!

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