The Anastasis- Chapter-2

The Anastasis- Chapter-2

Chapter 1 was all about briefing of the whereabouts of the story. Daniel, the protagonist of the story and his friend Kelsey, K-pop fan girl are about to meet. Let’s see what it took for them to meet and what happens after that.

Rejection results in break down. Especially in the case where you gave 200% into a task and still not able to achieve it. Same goes with our protagonist Daniel. He has put his heart and soul for admission into Massachusetts Institute of Technology (abbreviated as M.I.T) after his high school but destiny took him to Yale University which he had to accept. You might think that it’s still better choice as it ranks among top 10 universities of U.S.A., but Daniel’s dream of M.I.T was compromised and as a result he was not happy with himself. But he accepted the truth and boosted up his morale to enter the campus. Daniel had a keen interest in music. So, he made sure that he would join the musical band of his college. To his surprise, coming to Yale proved fruitful to him in this respect. He got acquainted with Kelsey on the very first meeting at the band auditions. They interacted with each other, exchanged their details and started chit-chatting.

Days passed and their friendship increased to an unprecedented level and ultimately became best friends. Now, coincidently Kelsey’s house was on the way to Daniel’s route and as they have trust on each other, they started traversing together. They were always found together like two poles of magnet. There was a time when their batch mates were so much curious and jealous of the utmost friendship that they cooked up in their heads that they (Daniel and Kelsey) would soon enter into a relationship. But little did they know about the fantastic nature of Daniel. Daniel started believing his fortune of not getting into M.I.T. and meeting Kelsey was meant for something good. Everything was going perfect. Kelsey being a little weak in studies got Daniel’s back. They started creating music together and the band got an amazing duo in the form of Daniel and Kelsey. Their music tastes were not same in the beginning but as time passed both embraced each other’s taste.

On the other hand, Daniel’s cousin Yulia had also completed her high school and she aims to be a CPA (Certified Public Accountant; Chartered Accountant (CA) in India). She has been keeping her nose to the grindstone for the first stage exam of the same. Being an introvert, she was short of friends and used to talk to Daniel only about whatever she is experiencing. This made their bond stronger. Both helped each other in their daily chores. In the worst times also, they supported each other.

Now, apart from Kelsey there was a humongous group of people that withstand with Daniel which showcase his friendly nature. In the campus they spent good time together and doing fun activities like singing, dancing, making fun of each other and enjoying each other company. Some of the members of the group are:

Kaira, the dance queen. Gullible and sweet at the same time, she thinks of Daniel as the student of the year. Hence, she feels good around him.

Aisha, extremely lively just like a chirping bird. Met Daniel in the band auditions along with Kelsey. She is pretty interesting character and fond of chocolates. Given opportunity she can eat tons in a day!

Eva, quite an opposite personality. In the start, she was like where am I? Why everyone here is so weird? But after getting in touch with a mysterious guy and then Daniel she feels extremely comfortable. Also, after Kelsey, she would be one of the good friends of Daniel.

Nicholas, almost every time lost in his world. Looked mad to everyone in the first phase but after knowing him everyone genuinely liked him. Punch lines of this guy are unbeatable.

Nick, gaming addict guy. Can do anything for games-bunking lectures and whatnot.

Leo, one of the first members of Daniel’s gang. Good looking and gym freak.

Charlie, the guy who’s addicted to his smartphone and is often poked due to same.

Harry, the childish and introvert guy. Even feels uncomfortable around girls (assume him as Rajesh Koothrappali of Daniel’s life). Quite nerdy in the beginning but gets mature and smart under the company of mysterious guy and Daniel.

David, a type of guy who was initially reserved to himself but when he’s familiar with people no one can match his level of craziness and humor.

Finally, the person you all have been waiting for, the mysterious guy. Cole, the most mature member of the group. Having incredible knowledge about almost everything and a believer of Daniel’s caliber to do something big in life. His friendship with Daniel will be shaky throughout but he adds a great twist and twirl to the story.

This leads us to the end of never-ending group which Daniel was a major part of. This group was famous for their friendship in the whole campus. Almost everyone knew them.

One fine day when all of them were sitting together and having a regular discussion, Cole suggested that Daniel should organize a concert featuring him and Kelsey so that their talent comes to the forefront. Kelsey got excited about the idea and urged to do this as early as possible. Cole assured them that he will manage the rest of the preparations like promoting the concert, taking permission for the same and all. So, Daniel and Kelsey started focusing on the composition and other friends/members became their helping hands. This strengthened their bond even more and they were inseparable. Life was completely back on track for our protagonist but something happened that was completely out of the box. The turn of events went such that… (to be continued)

Guys, remember the questioning part of the story. Last time, none of the answers were that good. Gear up this time and guess what could have happened next?

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