Friendships, Everlasting?

Friendships, Everlasting?

UPDATE: It’s all okay now. This article was written in frustration and now everything is restored,

Hello everyone, I am back after a small break. I had my exams (“now don’t ask me how it went they were terrible”, not an issue). Skipping all these, you guys had a lot (“a lot”) of complaints I am not writing the way I used to write in the past, simple user-friendly, bold writing. So, today’s topic is inspired by true incidents (“all of it”). All characters of this story are superlatively converted into different people.

There was a boy and a girl. Woo-hoo! What a start? No, it’s not. Control yourself -my inner soul! Anyway, let us fly back to 2018 when a hurly-burly boy, lost in his world joined an institution called MA institute of technology. An introvert person, he looked upon others as creepy personalities based on some horrible experiences ( “can’t be disclosed here!”). As soon as he attended his first lecture, he felt like a jail would be better than this (“to be taken as a joke for teachers. Others take this serious; sly”). As time passed, he recollected some guts and approached a guy to ask his name. With this, you can imagine how good he was interacting with people ( “today’s scenario is -360 degree”). The boy finally got 2 friends (both boys to be precise), hurray! An achievement for him. One of them has to take all the load and tensions of the world and other wants to give all of it. They formed a so-called “group” and were supportive of each other. Now comes the twist, our introvert boy grabbed a lot of (a hell lot believe me!) guts and approached a girl to ask her what’s the next class as he didn’t have the schedule yet. The girl was extrovert and asked our boy his name and all stuff. There starts a happy life for our boy. The girl filled the boy with lots of happiness and good things (not to be intended in the wrong manner- you dirty people! happiness as a friend which the boy was deficient of). Then comes the lead girl. Okay wait! Wasn’t that girl the lead? Ann hnn twist… The girl who meets the boy was just a mediator. Now, the boy was introduced to a girl (our mediator was the one who introduced) whom he never saw in his class and was surprised to see her. The boy had a very clear mind that he didn’t want to engage in any relationship (not at all!) and just wanted to connect with as many as people he can. The boy was happy and finally satisfied with the choice of his college and living his life joyfully as he got some good connections at his current living place (now imagine how introvert he was, he never spoke to nearby people at his place even his roommate!). Everything was going perfect for him, new friends, joyful city and probably good people.

Now comes a text message on WhatsApp saying **. I can’t tell you that (it’s a secret!). Just imagine that this message changed the entire world around our introvert guy. Our boy was finally interacting with our lead girl and slowly lead girl took place of the previous girl. The boy was happy all the time. He got a companion like him. He shared every single happiness he would discover, every achievement every goal everything that the boy was experiencing. The boy had no hard feelings for her (I think you got what I am referring to) and eventually, they became close friends. They shared each story on Instagram, they tagged in every post related to friendships and all these were going pretty well. They enjoyed each other company. The boy was so shy that they didn’t click even a selfie for 3-4 months because all these things were new for him and he didn’t want to mess it up. After some time, there was a fight between them on a silly issue which probably got resolved within an hour but that made our boy realize that the girl she is having a friendship with is important to him and he can’t mess it up. This fight made him realize that he finally got a group of friends (as depicted in Bollywood movies, two girls and the guys he meets first day). Everything was going well, they spent a lot of time together, bunking class together was not an issue.

Now days came when the boy was busy in his work and the girl in her. They communicated, but not that much. The girl always had a complaint that the boy was too much busy that he didn’t talk to the girl that much but our boy was also helpless. He indulged himself in some activities which destroyed him every inch. He realized that these activities are separating him from the outer world. He was confined to his small world again. He was becoming the same person he used to be in the beginning. But the girl didn’t stop supporting him or you could say that after family the person standing with him was that girl. He thanked her a lot (a lot!) and promised her he will not take that path again but the boy was dragged again. But this time he was left alone. The boy wanted to get out of this but he was in an infinite loop. The loop which only accepts and there is no exit point. But the girl rescued him again (I know you might think what I am talking about, we are not getting any reference but I am bounded not to release anything more than this).

But what happened next will make you emotional for sure if you are following me till now. The girl stopped talking to the boy. Completely no replies, no messages, everything was stopped. No calls no conversations and our boy was stunned. He thought that everything will be on track and soon will be restored to normal but it didn’t happen this time. She was so much angry that she read all his messages, text but didn’t reply. The boy was seriously worried about her. They shared a strong bond and their friendship ending made him realize that he had messed it up. They supported each other in their decisions, they fought but soon patched up, they did so many things for each other but this time it all went vain. Now the boy is helpless, no-one to talk with. Though he has a lot of them to talk but not the type he found in her. The boy apologized so many times but this time he knew he has messed up. All he wishes is that get her back to normal and starts conversing the way he did before.

That ends our story on this sad note. I wish the boy could talk to her and resolve all the disparities. One piece of advice:

Talk, fight, ignore but never hurt the people you think are important to you!

Kaustubh Gupta
Kaustubh Gupta That Data Guy, Habitual Writer and Tech Enuthusist