Do you feel bad about not having GirlFriend?

Do you feel bad about not having GirlFriend?

This is not an accustomed article but persuasive. Make sure you are in the right mental state to take full sovereignty of this information. Yes, I am doing it and I know a lot of people will disharmonize with me, hate me or get outraged (I don’t care) but someone needs to discuss. So, let’s jump into it.

Particularly in India, having a girlfriend (GF) is a behemothic achievement. If there is a championship of dumb-ass fucking bullshit people around the world then we stand on top of it and get crowned, Hurray! Joke huh? We often comprehend our pride, self-respect, ego, and make every situation byzantine that we abuse and muddle ourselves. Let’s penetrate and try to interpret why we don’t have a GF. There can be 3-4 dominant reasons like tried but rejected, not tried but wanting to, someone is focused and there come the ones who say “don’t know but I need”. I mean these are the people who are covetous to other couples. We feel sad about it and curse ourselves. I mean GF/BF is not a commodity that everyone owns, they are opposite gender human beings. It can be exemplified as FOMO (Fear of missing out) which means one has a fear that if it loses one thing then they may not survive. We are not concerned that we need a support system, a companion with which we can share our things, opinions na Ji na! All we need is a tag/label like, “look at that guy! He has a girlfriend. He is so cool and lucky yaar! When I will get mine, I will become cool too” aaji ghanta! This may be harsh but this is reality. I am not gender-biased and the same thing is applicable for girls also, they also need to be prepared for all this shit.

When we come into a relationship, we give full control of life to our partner, emotional control, a hell lot of time and the right to hurt you. We are not getting a fucking fact in our small minds that our partner is now a director of our life, every move is monitored by someone with whom we have just started to interact. The thinking must be like, ‘if this person enters my life, then she/he can make me happy but at the same time can disturb my mental state at any moment, can be stressful, am I ready for this?’. All we need is to into a relationship, get recognized as a cool dude/famous girl, get top in the race and ultimately achieve intimacy.

Now I assume that my audience is mature enough to conceive my pervious paragraph and draw a conclusion that all these are teenage thinking that is derailing our youth. What is the point of making GF? If asked within a group of people, 90% responses will point turn out to be intimate. I understand that intimacy is a biological urge but that doesn’t mean that you stake all your self-respect and try on any random person with whom you are nowhere connected. If a person smile-passes or interacts for a while doesn’t mean that that person has fallen for you or he/she desires to have sex with you! That fucking person becomes god and we wait for our god to turn to us and say what we have built in our minds. We desire that when we visit a public place like a mall, tourist place, bar, pubs etc, a girl/boyfriend should accompany us so that our standard raises. It’s all because of inferiority complex, jealousy, that make us feel bad about ourselves and we are always demotivated, depressed. Some of them are so much concerned about this issue that they stop their daily chores and try to figure out what’s wrong with them instead of focusing on their positives. Think about this again.

P.S. All this information is inspired by the book 'The Rudest Book Ever".

Kaustubh Gupta
Kaustubh Gupta That Data Guy, Habitual Writer and Tech Enuthusist