Hi, I am a Python Developer with an interest in Data Analytics and am on the path of becoming a Data Engineer in the upcoming years. Along with a Data-centric mindset, I love to build products involving real-world use cases. I know bits and pieces of Web Development without expertise: Flask, Fast API, ReactJS, MySQL, Bootstrap, CSS, JS, HTML. I also do open source contributions, not in association with any project, but anything which can be improved and reporting bug fixes for them.

I am currently mastering Data Analytics and hope to get an FTE in 2022 after my graduation in B.Tech in IT. Being involved with computers from a very young age, along with programming skills, I have a lot of experience as technical support for Windows-related issues, installations, and gadgets recommendations.

In my free time, I do video editing and writing both technical and nontechnical articles. I have written over 140+ articles for companies as a freelancer, blogs for my website, and medium blogs for publications. I usually listen to music while working.

Do check out my projects on GitHub and if they are good enough, support me by starring and sharing them😃